Tax Return Checklist



•  Last year's Canada Revenue Agency Notice of Assessment


•  Income information slips (T4, T5, T4E, T4A, T4AP, etc)


•  T3 or T5013 (to come later)


•  Universal Child Care Benefit slip (RC62)


•  RRSP receipts


•  Tuition slips (T2202A, etc)


•  Receipts for Union/Professional Dues


•  Receipts for medical expenses

    (include prescriptions, glasses, dental, premiums paid for health and dental coverage etc.)


•  Receipts for charitable Donation


•  Foreign Income Information (Pension, Business, etc.)


•  Spousal support information (Received or Paid)


•  Sales of stock or property information


•  Business, farm, or fishing (Income & expenses)


•  Rental Property (Income & expenses)


•  Employment expenses (use of car or home office for employer)


•  Child Care expenses


•  Children's Fitness/Arts Receipts



•  Carrying charges and Interest expense


•  Transit Pass receipts (on reverse of monthly transit pass)


•  Adoption expenses


•  Disability Certificate


•  Property tax or rent receipts


•  Foreign Property Ownership - only if cost exceeds $100,000.00


•  Income Tax Installments paid


•  Other


Please feel free to call us if you need advice about compiling your documents